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This month will be full of BBQ chicken and chicken salads. I like chicken.


#what huh?

4/12 and those days that I might’ve missed :x

  1. How are YOU doing? Really?
  2. Physics exam today.
  3. I am jealous of those guys who can dance well. Now more than ever. I’m sure it’ll be topped after the talent show tomorrow…
    Played this song for a bit on the piano today.  A famous Chinese song with English subs for ya’ll.
  5. I’ll be back………

    -Will Ting

#27 Sticky Notes


  1. Dehydrated… Drink more water!
  2. I need to eat more fruits and vegetables…
  3. I ate too much today.
  5. Sticky notes are fun to use. Thank God I bought that pack of 1000… 
  6. Fancy bowls and plating makes any type of meal taste better.
  7. Get Educated.
  8. YouTube teaches material better than any textbook.
  9. Ate a Spicy Chicken Sicilian Salad today for the first time.

-Will Ting

#26 Cigarettes

"Cigarettes are like squirrels. They are perfectly harmless until you put one in your mouth and light it on fire."

That will be all.

-Tired Ting

#25 Quarters


  1. If only I didn’t have a class at 7:30pm on Tuesdays.
  2. If only I didn’t have a major test on the 2nd week of school.
  3. If only I didn’t have two labs + three classes tomorrow.
  4. "Mini Wheats" is my favourite cereal.
  5. I eat my salads without dressing and my cereal with milk in a cup.
  6. American quarters are exactly 2.5x larger than a dime and half as big as a half dollar. Coin size has meaning.
  7. I am very lucky. 
  8. I’ve never had a lucky number. It just might be 53 now.
  9. In a talent show in Seattle on 4/13 
    Should be a lot of fun!

#24 White Nose


  1. Roommate’s birthday. Helped make a cake for him. First time frosting a cake. Happened to get vanilla frosting on my nose.
  2. I hate how there are correct ways to “style” java.
  3. At home I dry off with 2 towels because I can. You should try it if you can.
  4. A very important decision I need to make soon is where I’m gonna live next school year… I’m debating whether I should get an apartment or join some older friends in dorm cluster. I’m leaning towards a studio apartment though…  
  5. That sigh of relief when you misread P.M. as A.M. on a due date.
  6. That feeling you get when someone doesn’t seem to approve of your actions but doesn’t say anything.
  7. That smell of fresh chocolate at midnight.
  8. I’m technically allergic to milk, wheat, soy, milk, pollen, shrimp, cats/dogs, and many other things. Only care about the shrimp bit though. 
  9. If I could talk to the animals…?!?!?!
    "She’s like an ancient artifact, something you’re lucky to have found."
    I actually heard them play this song live at my college last year. 



This is like a picture I’ve seen floating around the internet many times. I couldn’t find the original so I remade it. Enjoy!

#23 Smile. Deep Thoughts.

3/30 + 4/1

This is the second time that I’m going to merge two posts into one. However, instead of putting 10 random things, I feel like I should go a little more in depth.  

  1. Earlier, I watched a guy named Brad Henning have a talk about relationships. This was the 2nd time I’ve heard his talks (he came to my high school once) but it was still a great reminder of how stuff works. Henning defined love as “

               ”Love is defined as “choosing the highest good for the other person”

    I agree…
    This process of choosing may take time because there are too many variables to consider. 
    In this way, there is a rule better than the “Golden Rule”.. Instead of “treat others how you would like to be treated”, it should be “treat others how they need to be treated”
    Then by this definition, you can only love a very limited amount of people due to the potential conflict between “highest goods” between multiple people. In other words, certain things like tangible goods but more importantly things like thought, attention, and time are all limited. If one 
    It’s not that I’m against loving everyone; everyone needs to be loved! It’s just that this is where his respectable statement has brought me. I could probably ramble on about “degrees” of love… but eh… This is probably gonna be a TLDR post :P
  2. Many beauty pageants are blatant objectification of women as sex objects but society has told everyone that it’s okay now. I will never support this though everyone is apathetic towards everything nowadays. Also, I’m sure that beauty pageants make people question their own images. Maybe not in such a critical way but in a way that leaves themselves unsatisfied with their own self.
  3. I’ve been in college for almost two years and I feel like the only thing that has changed is my social-level and a small boast of confidence. Though I experienced twice last year for college-experience sake, I’m grateful that I haven’t fallen into the typical gung-ho college student routine. I’m grateful I don’t smoke, drink, or have pre-marital sex.  I’m grateful for my certain level of stubbornness which has kept me out of trouble many times. Most importantly, I’m grateful for my friends for just existing since the majority of them have similar opinions on college as myself.
  4. When my friends jokingly show me Iwillbot, I tell them that I don’t like that guy. They think I’m joking… but I’m being entirely truthful. Hear me out.
    Will Ting is NOT Iwillbot. Will Ting is NOT Iwillbot. Iwillbot is some almost 6 year old musician that feeds off of comments and statistics. I am someone that has thoughts/beliefs/quirks/longings. Though Will DOES like to make people smile through music, he does it in real life while Iwillbot does it online. Not many people online understand this and just like me for Iwillbot. I would rather have people like me for being me which doesn’t happen online. People too often bring up “Iwillbot” in my daily life and I get reminded of this too often.  (The only reason I use the URL “Iwillbot” is so that people can find me easily on social networking sites if they want).
  5. The sad parts of life make the happy parts happy. If your entire life was happy happy then the happy wouldn’t be happy because the happy would be your normal. However, since there are happy things, there will be sad things.
    Whenever the sad things happen and you become sad, just give it a smile and the sad may become happy. This paragraph was kind’ve pointless. Just look at the picture posted above.
  7. Maybe I’ll add more later
  8. :)

-Will Ting

#22 Ambulances Shouldn’t Take 15 Minutes…


Life won’t be the same.

Numbers as Colours

What colours do you see the numbers 1-8?

For me,

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Yellow
  5. Pink
  6. Brown
  7. Black
  8. Orange


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